Are the VR headsets harmful to the children's health?
11.07.2019 | Altairika Franchise
Virtual reality can move us to the battlefield, underwater world, outer space or any place overnight. Considering the fact that VR manufacturers keep designing new devices, apps, and games that offer kids and teenagers to experience the effect of full immersion, the parents are getting anxious. Do the VR headsets harm the health of their children? We decided to dispel myths and provide answers to the most frequent questions.
"Why do manufacturers set the age limits"?

The most of VR headsets producers highlight the age limit. It is recommended to use VR devices only if you are older than 12. At the same time, the ophthalmologists admit that there are no researches proving the negative impact of VR technology on the functions of the eye. "The age limit should exist only for content. The technology itself does not harm the children's health", says the ophthalmologists Stephen Lipskiy.
"I feel dizziness while using VR headset, is it ok"?

Staring at the moving picture in virtual reality sends the same signal to the brain as you observe the physical objects in real life. This is the only one reason why you can feel dizziness or nausea. If you suffer from motion sickness on a roller coaster, in the car or on the boat so that you definitely feel the same while using a VR headset. It's not about VR, it's about your vestibular system.
"Eyes get quite tired when wearing VR headset, how to get rid of it"?

Looking at the screen of the VR headset as at any other screen of mobile phone for a long time can cause eyes tiredness and tension. When we are observing the screen of our gadget, we blink more rarely. That is why your eyes start drying and getting tired.
"Are virtual reality headsets dangerous for our eyes"?

There are two small LCD monitors in a VR headset which project a picture for each eye separately and create the effect of depth. Monitors are located close to eyes. That is a factor that confuses the parents. Actually, there is a reason to be anxious. A long focusing on a picture, whether it's on a screen of your mobile phone or TV, can cause poor eyesight. Measure is an important thing here. It is better to use such devices up to 2-3 hours per day. This is a safe period of time approved by ophthalmologists.
Does VR influence on the brain?

It really influences the human brain. VR helps us in many ways: from restoring the muscles after the injuries to curing dizziness and other illnesses. We know for sure, VR triggers the feeling of empathy, controls the dreams and even contributes to progress in rehabilitation after the complex operations. Certainly, there were some cases of side effects after long using the VR devices but there's no need to panic. The truth is the simulators were created a long time before the appearance of VR. Pilots had been using it while practising in flying, back in the '70s. Gregory Garvey, the author of the virtual reality studies, admits that the appearance of side effects is still a rare case. If you have ever experienced the symptoms of psychological disorders, you better to limit the use of VR helmets.
Parents should not be worried. With proper usage and considering the time limits, the VR headsets do not influence the children's health. VR producers also keep improving the quality of their products, making them more safe and convenient.
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