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Learn business model
Step 2:
Calculate your profit
Step 3:
Start business
Demo package for testing Altairika franchise in your market
Make sure you can earn the same money
Purchase a €500 demo package for a quick start

You can confirm your monthly profit with only one headset! Go to school and make your first pay sessions. In future, when you get more VR headsets, you will be able to grow your profit.

1 VR glasses ×20 working days ×6 session per day ×2$ ticket = 240$
Altairika Demo Package
Demo package includes:

VR Headset OculusGo 32Gb with our free movies downloaded;
Marketing materials (live poster layout);
Teaching material for one movie;
Shipment expenses.

Shipment will take up to 7-8 days by DHL
Demo lasts only one month

Have questions? Call us at +353766701304 (WhatsApp)