Step 1:
Learn business model
Step 2:
Calculate your profit
Step 3:
Test business
Demo for testing Altairika franchise in your market
Scroll to understand the core issues of business:
There are no analogues of VR Encyclopedia. We adapted the product for Indian market. Become the first in your city.

Now schools use the services of third-party organizations that provide services in the field of supplementary education. These may include mobile planetariums, chemical/physical shows, robotics etc. You just come to the ready market with a cool new product.
How are you going to earn money?

Your target audience is children who are gathered in places of learning and in places of mass events.
There are a number of simple steps to organize a pay event in school:

1. Call to schools
2. Conduct a demo and arrange a meeting to show the catalog to teachers and set a date for the session
3. Come to school, set up equipment and start conducting sessions

We arrive at the venue 30 minutes before the session. The operator prepares the equipment, instructs and gives viewers their headsets, on which synchronously runs the selected scientific and educational film. 30 students watch VR Encyclopedia at the same time. Each of them pays you for the ticket.