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Now there is a time for a product that changes the quality of human’s life for the better.

Ksenia Kasmina, researcher at Altairika, spoke about trends in the information field, difficulties in finding important information and what it means to admire sound and why to do it.

— What does a market research specialist do?
— My job is to find information and analyze it within the market in order to understand the inner workings of companies that develop virtual reality. Not all information is available on official websites, for example, information about the processes of teaching children in other countries lies in the posts of school teachers and parents in social networks. I analyze the whole information field.

— What trends do you see in the information field?
— The value of a product that changes people's quality of life for the better is increasing. People are looking for meaning. People feel devastated when they don't enjoy their business. There is a case from the Indian education sector: there are a lot of foundations that support schools. Sometimes children are picked up by helicopters and brought to school. The schools themselves are often very poorly equipped, but the people who work there believe in the idea of passing on cultural and world values to the younger generations. It is inspiring.

— Which book would you recommend for reading?
— I came to the company with a certain book by Michael P. Nichols, The Lost Art of Listening. It helped me to integrate into my work, learn to understand what is expected from me, and not be afraid to ask any questions. In my opinion, in Altairika team it is important not to be afraid to speak, to invent something new and to implement it. It was very valuable for me to participate in common strategic plans when we were building a common vector for the company.Konstantin Urvantsev, our CEO, gave everyone the opportunity to speak out and everyone was heard. 

— What charges you?
— The music brings me peace. I play the piano. When you admire the sound, there is inner peace. In sounds, it's important to catch the tones — the tone that makes you calm also helps you open up. It works not only in music, but also in communication, in dialogue.

— What has changed for you with the pandemic?
— I look forward to seeing the team. Teamwork gives a sense of common cause, the dynamics of moving forward towards a common goal. All this helps to act in accordance with your inspiration and not be afraid to take risks, to look for new ways.