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How does the Virtual Encyclopedia supplement classical education? 📚

Altairika’s mission is to provide children even from the most remote places in the world with access to high quality and modern immersive education that stimulates the desire of knowledge.

All of this is impossible without fundamental knowledge. Children need the systematic work that classical education provides. And VR-format serves as an excellent supplement, which solves a number of problems:

🔹Motivation. Social media and trends influence the modern child to perceive information differently. Children are drawn to video and entertainment content. Our movies fulfill this need while educating.

🔹Access to a variety of sources. Our library has films on topics ranging from astronomy and ecology to geography and health and safety. There is something for every child.

🔹Interactivity. When you interact with objects in virtual reality, it’s as if you’re touching them and seeing them with your own eyes. Children are always impressed.

Our VR-films are really educational and teach young viewers. Thus, Altairika is a socially useful business. Each partner-entrepreneur not only earns money in the field of additional education, but also changes the educational system, making it more interesting and accessible✨