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Safety and disinfection at VR Encyclopedia sessions

The coronavirus outbreak has reached planetary scale, and we are even more often asked about safety and precautionary measures at the Virtual Encyclopedia sessions. Parents take care of their children's health, so we hurry to assure them that the safety of our viewers is one of Altairika's top priorities.

Each pair of VR glasses is wiped with disinfectant wipes before and after the session, thus eliminating the possibility of transmission of viruses and diseases between viewers.
All operators conducting the sessions have passed a special training course on work with children and have medical books.

Each of our partners has rules for conducting a session, depending on the location: schools, kindergartens, shopping centers, children's camps. All rules, written in accordance with our many years of experience, are strictly followed.

If a spectator is not feeling well before a session, we recommend them refrain from attending.
We maintain all possible safety measures at the sessions of the Virtual Encyclopedia, as we understand that most of our viewers are children. In this difficult world situation we wish you strength and health, take care of yourself!