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3 non-obvious question to ask a prospective business partner

Discussion of an idea or a finished project usually takes up a lot of time during the first meeting with potential business partners, and many important questions remain unanswered until the start of the partnership.

Today we will consider which of them should be asked as early as possible in order to get mutual benefits for business and find a reliable business partner for many years 👇

🔹How much personal time is he willing to devote to the business?
Any major business comes with a heavy workload and unpredictable situations, and the business partner should understand this before heading into work that may be beyond his «resources».

🔹How often should the current strategy be reviewed?
Modern life is full of surprises. Some will bring new opportunities, others will try to take the wind out of one’s sails. You and your business partner need to think flexibly so that you can take control of the situation in time, and perhaps adjust your strategy to new realities.

🔹What methods of achieving goals does the partner consider correct and why?
There is no better way to understand whether a partner shares the company’s values. This must be clarified to avoid annoying misunderstandings in the process.

You need to ask questions not to come to light your business partner, but to see a person with whom you’ll have to go a long way. Each partner-franchisee of Altairika is part of a close-knit team, investing energy and effort not only in a profitable business, but also for the benefit of future generations!

Communication is one of the most powerful business tools. Just embrace it and everything will work out! 🏆