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For Aspiring Entrepreneur: some typical questions

Most likely, you have already been interested in starting your own business. We noticed, that many aspiring entrepreneurs ask the same questions. Let's try to figure it out! 

How to start making money as quickly as possible in business?

There are two main ways that an aspiring entrepreneur can go. The first is to start a company from scratch. Very often it takes much more time to prepare and carries more risks. Statistics are disappointing: about 90% of startups fail.

The other way is to buy the franchise. Unlike a regular business, in franchises all the processes are already established and tested by many partners in other cities. You do need to prepare any marketing materials, everything is already prepared. 
Also the franchises give ready-made instructions on how to build a business and have a fast launch. So you don't have to come up with anything. It is enough to follow the instructions and start earning 💪🏻

How to bring customers at the start of a business?

Marketing is one of the headaches at the start. How to attract a paying audience? Where can I find an intelligent marketing managert? Even with a budget, there may be difficulties, because no one knows you in the market yet🤷🏻

If you run on a franchise, this path can be easier and more efficient.

— A brand is already existing on the market, consumers are familiar with it;
— Ready-made marketing materials and instructions;
— Clear sales funnel, which is worked out by many partners.

In which niche is it better to start a business?

First of all, it is important for an entrepreneur to analyze demand. To do this, we recommend reading business publications, attending various forums, conferences, and communicating with existing entrepreneurs. In the same way, it is useful to analyze social networks, check search queries.

But perhaps, the most important thing when choosing a niche is that you should like it. Success comes to those who enjoy their business🔥 

For example, if you have launched a store simply because you have heard that it is profitable, it is unlikely that such a business will be able to grow. Even if you earn money, there is a risk of burning out very quickly.

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