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Why VR films are gaining in popularity among teachers and schoolchildren?

Look at how involved the kids are! The main difference between VR-films and ordinary ones is interactivity. They are not just interesting and informative pictures, children themselves participate in what is going on.

For example, they can swim in the Pacific Ocean among coral reefs and unusual fish, go on an intergalactic journey in a real spaceship or explore the human body.

All movies from the Altairika VR library are real magic, because the viewer himself takes part in them, not just watching. After watching, children have a huge amount of emotions, they ask when the next time will be, and, of course, they learn the material perfectly!

That’s why educational VR films are gaining in popularity among teachers and schoolchildren. Each our partner not only builds a business, but also makes education accessible and interesting. Altairika is not just a profitable, but also an interesting and socially useful franchise.