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38% of Altairika franchise partners expand

Entrepreneurship is always about the risks. Start-ups often make critical mistakes at the very beginning: they enter the market with an unfinished product, they ignore careful business planning, and they do not pay enough attention to sales. Within six months the business is closed.

But there are also successful examples! We’ve managed to build a safe system for starting a business. As a result, Altairika is growing constantly. New partners from different cities and countries are joining the franchise. At the same time, existing partners are also growing and buying new territories.

These are not just words, our results are confirmed by numbers:

38% of Altairika partners expand and buy out other cities, and the percentage of franchise exits is almost zero.

Why do partners choose us?

🔹We support partners. It’s important to us that every franchisee makes a profit, develops their business, and introduces children to the magical world of virtual reality!

🔹Our Organizational Development department works at maximum turnover so that partners scale their business and grow.

🔹We are constantly looking for new ways of development and invite external experts, we train not only ourselves but also all our partners.

🔹 A profitable business model in which franchisees achieve high and stable financial performance. They are not just repeating, but increasing their numbers.

If our approach is close to you and you want to become a partner of Altairika — leave a request on our website