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Check business BEFORE you buy it✅

We understand that many people are hesitant to start a new business, because there are always a lot of questions and doubts at the start. Is the product in demand? How good is it? Will the audience like it?

That is why we have a test-drive of Altairika. With minimal investment you can test the franchise in your city.

We offer all our potential partners the opportunity to order a demo version of the Virtual Encyclopedia. What will you get? ⬇️

🔹 you will evaluate the quality of the product and its uniqueness;
🔹 know your target audience’s attitude towards the product;
🔹 see if there is a demand for educational VR films;
🔹 establish a dialogue with potential customers;
🔹 schedule your first sessions before you even buy the franchise.

The demo will give you everything you need for your first sessions:

1️⃣ access to several movies from our library;
2️⃣ a monitoring guide;
3️⃣ starter pack of marketing materials;
4️⃣ support of specialists of the development department.

Altairika is a reliable franchise! Check it by ordering a demo version😉