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Altairika makes learning interesting and interactive with VR🔬

Altairika makes learning interesting and interactive.

Virtual Encyclopedia is not just a fun and memorable activity for kids. We make an important and useful product . Children are our future. And we, the adults, can greatly influence what they will grow up to be. It is in our power to interest and enthuse them in science.

We provide a great opportunity to combine education and entertainment. Children don’t just watch videos with VR-headsets, but explore the world, learn about science and travel.

Supplementing classical education with virtual education can quickly and easily solve this problem. Of course, lectures, homework and quizzes are important, but if you complement this with an interesting and informative movie where kids can touch the subject of study — the result will amplify several times over.

A lesson with VR always causes bright positive emotions, brings the teacher and the student closer. We help teachers to make supplementary education accessible and interesting.

If it’s not only a stable income that matters to you in business, but also a mission with benefits — welcome to the Altairika team! Contact us to apply and become a partner!