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How fast can I get started with Altairika?

You can start a business with Altairika in just 2 weeks, and this is confirmed by our franchisees. Why so fast?

▫️12 years of experience, and continuous improvement of strategy;
Step-by-step instructions with training and starting a business in 2 weeks;
▫️Support, mentoring and training from experienced entrepreneurs.

We also have a powerful development department. What does it do?

1️⃣ Trains and analyzes with a partner all stages of the transaction cycle;
2️⃣ Together with a partner, it studies each target audience and teaches the specifics of interaction with it;
3️⃣ Provides operational support to partners to quickly resolve emerging issues from the first day and throughout the entire period of cooperation.

Our team will help you create an individual development strategy based on information about you, your business experience and the peculiarities of the region. Trainings are conducted on an ongoing basis, which help to build a fast and efficient work.

All this allows you to find the first customers as quickly as possible, assign impressions, recoup investments and reach a stable income, and in the future — scale the business

When you become our partner, you get a working, effective business, training from the best entrepreneurs and constant support! 🙌