Megacities, part 2
They become the symbol of their era.

5+ | 22 min. | 360°

Megacities are the largest trade and economic centers where life is in full swing.
In the film, we will visit Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai, Dubai - business centers where huge financial flows take place. Let's take a walk to Venice and St. Petersburg — cities with fabulous architecture and beautiful bridges. We will also spend a mini-vacation in the most popular resort cities: Santorini, Perast, Cancun and Miami.
We are sure that ancient Kazan, located on the Volga River, and Cape Town with picturesque beaches at sunset will not leave you indifferent. And the Swiss mountain landscapes of Zermatt and the quiet streets with cozy embankments of Bern will make everyone fall in love with themselves!
  • Main information
    Studio: Airpano
    Genre: Surrounding world
    Subject: The knowledge of the world around you
  • Languages
    English, Russian
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