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Altair Digital is a company with ten years of experience in the field of supplementary education. Since 2010, we have been motivating children to learn and explore the world using the latest technologies.

Our knowledge and experience help more than 103 partners working in 18 countries on 3 continents to give children the opportunity to be in space and inside the human body, to see the most beautiful places on the planet and unusual phenomena with their own eyes.
Now we are developing interactive VR lessons that will allow children to gain knowledge in a new and unusual format. Such lessons will give children access to the most modern chemical laboratory, allow them to create their own robot, study human anatomy or witness the birth of the universe. Experiments, tests and excursions in virtual reality will be a common part of future education that we can create today.

From mobile planetariums to VR Encyclopedia
The first mobile planetarium session was launched. We were looking for components from around the world for a quality session.
The mobile planetarium started its work in Barnaul, Russia. Dozens of talks and presentations in the city schools help to understand the needs of school principals, teachers, children and their parents.
The first official session of the Mobile Planetarium was held on February 10 with the support of the Employment Center. A stationary planetarium was established on Lake Yarovoye. The first turnkey sale of the planetarium under a government contract was concluded: the stationary planetarium was launched in Sterlitamak, Russia. The company decided to start its own production of Mobile Planetariums.
Start of the production of Mobile Planetariums: we have tested a dozen dome models and hundreds of different fabrics. We have found the ideal fabric in Korea. It is distinguished by its durability and ease of care. Mobile planetarium becomes lighter and more maneuverable. The inner coating becomes white, which provides a bright and clear picture. Quality is also improved by using a modern model of spherical mirror. In the same time, the network of planetariums was developing, and kids from all over the country received the opportunity to visit the session.
By the beginning of 2014 the company had over 40 operators of Mobile Planetariums and 3 offices in Barnaul, Nizhny Novgorod and Blagoveshchensk. We had 150 thousand kilometers of monthly routes, and these are four circles of the Earth! Our own CRM system was created for clearer logistic of the sessions. The company took part in the exhibition of successful franchises "Seliger-2014", where it presented the project to the Minister of Education of Russia Dmitry Livanov, and in the same year received the award "Business Success" in the category "The Best project in trade and services".
The company "Altair Digital" was created, the development of its own software and hardware complex for content protection began, at the expense of which it became possible to replenish the library of films with an increasing number of high-quality imported novelties. For the first time the idea of founding our own educational franchise has appeared.
Development of our own projection system "Space Touch ONE" for Mobile Planetariums was completed. At the same time, we were working on a unique system for watching educational films with virtual reality glasses. It will be possible to get into your individual planetarium and practically catch the comet by yourself!
In January, Altair Fulldome Cinema, the first app for watching films in VR devices, was launched; more than 50,000 people have downloaded it in a month. Its next version, Amazing Cinema, hit the world's top downloads and took the first place in the Oculus Store, while 5% of Samsung owners worldwide installed this app on their device.

On April 12, Cosmonautics Day, the first session of the future Virtual Encyclopedia was held! Students of Novosibirsk got the opportunity to feel like real space travelers and see stars and planets close by. In February, Altair Digital got its first franchisee partner, by the end of the year there was 17 of them. A contract for the use of Virtual Planetarium technology was concluded in the MTS Department of Social Responsibility.
Start of the work on entering the world markets and holding the first presentations in India. We have decided to develop an international distribution network for educational content. By the end of the year Latvia, Azerbaijan and the Republic of Belarus became Altair Digital partners. The first meeting and experience exchange with partners in Russia.
The year began with the 55-hour corporate Sales hackathon, which has created the company's strategy and developed a franchise package for international markets. An international sales department was formed and cooperation with partners in India began.

For the first time the company took part in Russia's largest exhibition, BuyBrand, and foreign forums in Singapore, China and Belgium. Year-end results: 86 franchisees in the team of the Virtual Encyclopedia, 22 of them were foreign partners.
The 100th partner joined the franchisee team. We took part in the largest exhibitions in India and Dubai. In India our franchise was selected as the winner in the category "Best VR/AR solution of the year" at the EdTech Review conference. We have created a unit to work with European countries. The COVID-19 epidemic did not freeze our work, we have started looking for new audiences and models for collaboration, and we did not stop our mission: to give children, even in the remotest corners of the world, access to quality and modern immersive education.

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To provide children even from the most remote places in the world with access to high quality and modern immersive education that stimulates the desire of knowledge.
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Best AR/VR Solution of the year
The Winner Of The Ed Tech Review, India, 2020
XR Tech Venture Forum 2019
Winner in the Education VR section, Belgium, 2019
Business Success
Sphere of services, Moscow, 2014
Golden Mercury
Laureate, Moscow 2018
Business sharks
Reality show about business, Moscow, 2015
Education, Moscow, 2017
MTS Telecom idea
Winner, Moscow, 2017
Skolkovo Startup Tour
Finalist, Moscow, 2017

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